Rubicon Corporation has been building and rehabbing single family homes in the St. Louis Metropolitan Area for over 3 years and prior to meeting the folks at Loan Sum were having a very difficult time finding financing for our various projects. The conventional banks had locked up and would not finance the most simple and low risk projects we pitched to them. Basically if it had a construction component to it they were not interested. Luckily I was directed to Greg Daney and Loan Sum and began a tremendous mutually beneficial relationship. They were able to meet our financing needs immediately and the due diligence process was not nearly as overwhelming as it had been with other lending institutions in the area. Loan Sum approved our loan quickly and funded within weeks of approval. I found Greg and Staff at Loan Sum very professional, quick to make decisions and very responsive to all of our lending needs. We will go back to them again for future deals and I would recommend them to anyone with real estate financing needs.