You must submit a draw request through the members section of our website.  Once the draw request is received, a LoanSum representative will inspect the property and all lien waivers and receipts will be compared to the actual work that has been completed on the property.  LoanSum will assess a $175 fee for each draw request inspection. Based on the inspection and the document review, LoanSum will approve or deny the request.  If approved, a deposit is made directly into your checking account via an electronic funds transfer.  Therefore, there is no delay in receiving repair funds from LoanSum.  If denied, you will need to remedy the issues and re-submit the request.  Before your draw can be approved, you will be required to submit signed and notarized lien waivers from all individuals and companies providing labor or materials on the property.   Please note that if any permits are required on your property, LoanSum will require copies of final inspection certificates to be emailed or faxed to our office prior to receiving a final construction draw.